Getting It All in Sync

Monitoring plans are typically developed using templates of previous plans, used for previous clinical trials. But, because no two clinical trials are the same, monitoring plans are often out of step with the needs of your latest trial, and with the tools being used by CRAs and your team right now.

The e-Clinical Agency is in the unique position of having knowledge of, and access to, the very latest monitoring tools. This means that we can work with you to determine which tools are best suited to your needs, resulting in a more effective and efficient monitoring process, plus lower costs and better data collection.

We can work with the available technology and with you to develop reports that will measure the amount of work available to them at each of their sites. A central monitoring plan is then tailored to the study and set to ensure that monitoring is done in accordance with the workload at each site, rather than the time elapsed since the last monitoring visit. This prioritization limits the need for co-monitoring and removes the need for notes-to-file to vary from the monitoring plan-required visits based on the amount of time since the last visit.