Why the eClinical Agency?

Today’s life sciences companies are conforming to a changing regulatory environment at the same time they feel the pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing productivity to shorten the time spent bringing products to market.  Implementing the latest e-Clinical technology is providing both sponsors and CRO’s with the ability to effectively meet these challenges.   

With over 100 years of collective experience in the various planning and executional aspects of clinical trials, and with access to the very latest clinical trial technology, our client partners and subject-matter experts will demonstrate the right technology to meet a specific use case, such as data aggregation, RBM, centralized monitoring, vendor oversight, site payments, and reporting.

We do this through our list of vetted qualified independent technology vendors, who have developed tools to meet these challenges. Our mission is to match these e-Clinical technology vendors to clients who need them, recommending the right technology for the job.

The e-Clinical Agency has a mitigation plan in place with all our technology vendors giving our clients a “priority” status to insure timely issue resolution.  And, because the vendors pay us a commission, you pay no additional fees when contracting via the e-Clinical Agency, thereby gaining guidance and vendor oversight at no cost to you.