Infrastructure Analysis

Understanding, Analysis & Recommendations

In order to make the most appropriate technology recommendations, the e-Clinical Agency must first understand your existing IT infrastructure. Therefore, at the outset, we conduct a thorough review, analysis and evaluation of all the existing e-clinical and operational data exchange technology, and data repositories, how they are being utilized and how well they are meeting your specific needs.

We will examine the current Data Storage, Reporting, EDC, IVRS/IWRS, e-PRO and CTMS systems you are currently using, and review how you are using them, with the goal of determining if they are right for your objectives. If not, we will make specific and actionable recommendations, based on current performance, to ensure that these systems are optimized for future requirements.

This analysis includes understanding how your data collection instruments, data repositories and analytics are currently being used, and how they can be utilized to improve the identification, tracking and management of research participants.

Our process focuses on improving the execution of clinical research programs by applying "smart integration" across the core health information and clinical research systems, with a goal of allowing for seamless sharing of data, to improve efficiencies and leveraging of existing patient data to increase participation

Should we find gaps, or see opportunities to use a new tool, technology or approach to enhance recruitment, or to save time or money, we will make detailed and specific recommendations.