Site Payments

No More Confusion

The pharmaceutical /CRO industry today face challenge in managing the expectations of Sites & Investigator(s) participating in research trials on behalf of them. Investigator/Sites are an essential component of the overall process, but their needs are mostly not addressed.  

The site payment process is frequently the most confusing aspect of a clinical trial for participating study sites. When sites feel that they have not been paid appropriately, or in a timely manner, it may result in frustration and other potential risks to the enrollment of participants, and even the necessary flow of data.

The e-Clinical Agency can examine your existing approach to site payment and will recommend a cloud-based technology that will provide a holistic solution to facilitate the ease in which users can track and view the actual trial expenses incurred.  Then track and compare actual expenses to the budget forecast from various vendors, including payment details, and to provide users with the ability to update the cost drivers and forecasts as required during the trial.  

Our goal all along the way is to not only streamline the process, but to eliminate confusion and ensure that sites are paid accurately and on time based on the quality of the data.